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Cooee Messenger

*Cooee Messenger, Fastest Messaging App in the World* Cooee Messenger is the Messaging App, Probably the Fastest Messaging app in today’s Life where you can send all types of Files and in any language, you can send the Message. Cooee Messenger is available in IOS and Android versions in the App Stores. You can also use Cooee Messenger on laptops and desktops via the web version. Important Features of Cooee Messenger: 1. Cooee Messenger is probably the fastest messaging app in the world. 2. FILE TRANSMISSION-Now you can send & Receive PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT ,TXT and many more type of files 3. OFFLINE MESSAGING-Now send #Messages Even your friends is OFFLINE 4. FAST-Improved Performance 5. RELIABLE-Made Messaging More Reliable

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